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Lafayette Child Care Center

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At the Creative Learning child care center, our caring and talented staff is eager to provide your child with the learning tools they need to get an early start on a successful and fulfilling life. The Creative Learning day care center specializes in early childhood education with programs for ages 6 weeks to 4 years of age, emphasizing early learning in math, science, reading, art, music, writing, and social skills.

We are a child-care provider who believes that in order for your child to grow, they need to be surrounded with a fun, loving, and nurturing environment full of positive energy. This is why we teach a self-paced curriculum for each child to enjoy and learn at their own pace.

Our Child-Care Services Include:

  • 6 weeks- 2 years Day Care Center
  • 3 - 4 years Preschool & Learning Center
  • After-School Care
  • Summer Camp

Creative Learning provides day care services that include child after-school programs with tons of physical activities with an emphasis on learning and expanding children's knowledge year round. Limited spacing is available so be sure to call and sign up today!

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Creative Learning

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